***RETIRED*** 342 Pumper
1983 Darley - Ford F-800, 429 V-8
750 Gallons, 750 GPM, Seats 2
2 SCBA air packs, 2 spare cylinders
2 pre-connect hose reels
Large Diameter Hose
Ladders, Generator, Lights, Ventilation fan
20 ft hard suction
***RETIRED*** 372 Brush 6x6
1982 DNR Co-Op, American Jeep Corp
1000 Gallons, forestry/brushfire response
***RETIRED*** Rescue Watercraft
1989 25' Bayliner 2556 Command Bridge 260 HP
Boat donated to the department and equipped for EMS medical support and water rescue, SCUBA dive support, search and recovery in Lake Michigan and Pentwater Lake.
341 Pumper
2002 Darley - Spartan Custom Cab
1000 Gallons, 1500 GPM Darley Pump, 1000 GPM deck turret
CAFS Foam 20 Gallons, seats 4, 3 SCBA seats
50 ft 1.5" hose and 100 ft 1.5" hose front bumper
2 - 200 ft 1.75" cross-lays, 1200 ft Large Diameter Hose
Ladders through the tank, Generator, Lights, Ventilation Fans
20 ft hard suction
5 SCBA air packs, spare cylinders
First Aid supplies, Oxygen, AED
Thermal Imaging Camera
343 Pumper - Reserve
1963 GMC- American Fire
500 Gallons, 500 GPM
200 ft Pre-connect hose
Large Diameter Hose
Ladders and Spare Equipment
20 ft hard suction

Drafted water from Pentwater Lake at the Pentwater Yacht Club to supply water at the Nickerson Inn fire in 2006.
351 Rescue 4x4
2009 Ford Expedition
Medical First Responder certified equipment and supplies, AED
361 Tanker
2010 International Darley
2300 Gallons, 3 Automatic Dump Valves,
Dump Tank through the tank, Portable Pump
2 SCBA air packs, 16 spare cylinders - AED
371 Brush/Rescue 4x4
2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty 6.8L V-10
200 Gallons, 150 GPM Darley/Champion, 10 Gallons Fast CAFS Foam
100 ft pre-connect hose reel
Medical First Responder certified equipment and supplies, AED
Grass/brush Firefighting equipment
2 SCBA air packs, 2 spare cylinders
373 Brush 4x4
1999 Ford F-150
200 Gallons, Fast Attack Pump and Roll
Compressed Air Foam, seats 2
Grass/brush Firefighting equipment
ATV Search & Rescue
2011 Polaris RANGER XP EPS 4x4 All-Terrain, All-Weather Search and Rescue Vehicle
KIMTEK MedLite Emergency Medical Rescue Skid
Polaris 4500 lb. integrated front mount winch
Removable cab and doors
Rescue ATV Transport and Air Trailer
2011 Trailer
Cascade air refill and ATV transport
Training Trailer
2007 Kidde Fire Trainer
Pentwater Fire Department was the sponsoring department for a $223,000 grant from the Department of Homeland Security for the purchase of a $250,000 "flashover simulator trailer". The simulator is the size of a semi trailer and uses propane and a smoke generator to simulate a burning structure. Removable walls allow for different configurations inside to challenge the firefighter in navigating through the trailer to locate and extinguish the fire. Inside temperatures are as high as 500 degrees three feet above floor level. The grant was awarded for use by all Oceana County fire departments and also is available to departments in surrounding counties.
Weather Station
2011 Davis Vantage Pro 2
Local Temperature, Wind Chill, Wind Speed, Gusts and Direction,
Precipitation, Barometer, Humidity, Dew Point
Current conditions and Forecast

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